Andreas Levisianos is composer and performer from Samos island, Greece.

Having a background in classical music and focusing on contemporary practices he is interested in the interrelation of analysis, synthesis and performance through a conceptual and systemic approach.

He has performed music from different periods of the western music history and from various styles, including orchestral, chamber, solo and electroacoustic works as a conductor and pianist.He served as the music director & conductor of the annual Open Days festival in Athens, Greece working with the principles of the main Greek orchestras as well as with renowned guest artists. He has conducted “Philharmonic Ploiesti”, the “Joseph Haydn” Symphony Orchestra, “The London Classical Soloists”, and the “Ensemble Continuum”. He has also served as the conductor for the Jacaranda Concert Series in Los Angeles with a notable participation at the Noon to Midnight festival organized by the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra and presented at the Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles. Further selected credits also include his conducting at the Hear Now Festival  in Los Angeles, his participation as an assistant conductor for the Pulitzer prize finalist opera Invisible Cities, his curation, directing and conducting of the Jani Christou portrait concert at REDCAT, his conducting at the Anne Le Baron portrait concert in LA and more. He has been awarded with the second prize in the International Conducting competition “Wiener Schüle” in Vienna Austria, performing in Musikverein. 

He has written music for various combinations of instruments, electronic and acoustic and collaborated with choreographers, directors and visual artists in a variety of intermedia projects. Selected credits include his Radioptical Opera ‘Medea’ presented at the online performance platform aejaa in 2021, where he connected musicians, dancers and actors from four different countries across the globe, his participation in the Kinono festival with an original contemporary musical theater piece ‘thalassa quarry’, his participation in the Tectonics festival in 2019, the Art Night London 2018 along with Nikolas Ventourakis in a five-hour installation/performance funded by the British Arts Council, his collaboration with Niko Palamares in a radio-theater composition sponsored by the Onassis Cultural Center, his participation in festivals such as Neapolis in Berlin, Fringe in Edinburgh, Tethering in LA, Reconnect, SEAMUS in Miami, his multimedia performances at the California Institute of the Arts and more. He is a co-founder and the artistic director of the online performance platform aejaa, an environment of remote collaboration.

Currently residing in London he is also working with the Universal Music Group on Music Information Analysis.

He holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Performance – Composition from the California Institute of the Arts, a Double Master’s degree in Composition and Conducting from the University of Oklahoma, a Bachelor’s degree in Musicology from the University of Athens, Greece and a Piano Diploma from the National Conservatory of Greece. 

Among his professors were David Rosenboom, Michael Pisaro, Anargyros Deniosos in composition, analysis and musicology, Konstantinos Karathanasis and Marvin Lamb in composition, Jonathan Shames and Raphael Pylarinos in conducting, Leonidas Kanaris and Giorgos Papadopoulos in music theory , Vicki Ray, Elena Mouzalas and Eleftheria Zouridou in piano performance.